Ask: Why is having a proactive approach to wellness so important?

By January 26, 2018 June 21st, 2018 News

By Jamie Lancaster, Executive Director


Keeping seniors healthy and helping them avoid illness before it happens – taking a proactive, preventative approach to wellness – is a trend among many of today’s forward-thinking retirement communities. At The Glen at Lake Oconee Village, this approach is at the core of a dedication to lifelong wellness for all residents of the senior living address.

And it’s about more than having an apple every day, wearing a hat in the sun or even exercising. It includes a very important component: being able to stay on-site and see a physician.

At The Glen, residents consider this a major advantage, because it keeps them from having to leave the community and go to a doctor’s office or hospital for a routine screening, vaccination or examination. In addition, a nurse is in the building 24/7 and a registered nurse oversees daily medical care. Talk about convenient!

Instead of enduring the inconvenience of making a visit to a clinic, being exposed to a multitude of germs from a crowded waiting room of sick patients and ultimately stressing the family, the resident instead can simply walk down the hall and see a nurse practitioner or physician.

At The Glen at Lake Oconee Village, residents really appreciate having on-site medical attention. They know that a practitioner will be here once a week and they like seeing someone they know well. Residents of The Glen can visit the on-site clinic for examinations, routine lab work, blood pressure checks and to monitor Coumadin levels. They can also receive their flu and pneumonia shots in the clinic.

That means avoiding an unfamiliar room crowded with coughs, sneezers and worse. Even the magazines in the waiting room can hold untold cold germs!

In addition, the physician or nurse practitioner who makes regular visits to a senior living community can more easily monitor the individuals for signs of changes. In return, a resident who might be concerned about a symptom generally will be more likely to seek care when it is as convenient as a short walk away, as opposed to scheduling an outside appointment and arranging transportation.

Education and prevention lectures are also part of a well-rounded on-site health program. The Glen, like many of today’s senior living communities, provides opportunities for seniors to actively pursue the eight dimensions of wellness: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, vocational, physical and medical.

At The Glen, it’s not just wellness, it’s well-being for every stage of life.

A proactive approach to wellness it important for a healthy lifestyle. Please call us at (706) 999-3535 if you have questions about The Glen’s comprehensive wellness program.

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