Why Now is the Time to Focus on All Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Q:  Why is now the time to focus on all 8 dimensions of wellness?

Jamie Lancaster, Executive Director

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Spring is a wonderful time for new beginnings and living a balanced life rich in vitality and well-being, which is what lifelong wellness is all about! And at The Glen at Lake Oconee Village, our residents have the advantage of living in a senior living community that offers opportunities to pursue each of the eight dimensions of wellness:

  • PHYSICAL: Remaining active, establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle, and avoiding harmful habits can benefit the body inside and out. At The Glen, residents can join classes in aerobic exercise, stretching and more, receive nutritional counseling, and learn tips for avoiding illness.


  • EMOTIONAL: Knowing how to recognize and embrace one’s thoughts and emotions, and empathizing with others, is key to healthy emotional well-being. Living in a community of friends means having the daily support of others who share your past experiences.


  • SOCIAL: A socially well person establishes and maintains healthy relationships with friends, family, and peers. So many seniors are choosing the vitality and camaraderie available at retirement communities such as The Glen.


  • INTELLECTUAL: Exercising the brain with stimulating activities has proven health benefits. Expanding one’s knowledge and pursuing new creative outlets also can lead to improved cognitive health. At The Glen, you have a well-stocked library just steps away! Or you can learn to paint, play trivia attend a lecture and much more.


  • SPIRITUAL: Spiritual wellness is an ongoing process of finding meaning, purpose and direction in your life. It also offers peace and security, especially when facing challenges. The Glen offers quiet spots for moments of personal reflection, as well as opportunities for worship and singing.


  • VOCATIONAL: Seniors can maintain a sense of identity and purpose by exploring volunteerism—and even employment—after retirement. At a senior living address such as The Glen, it’s easy to find opportunities to volunteer on site, or lend your wisdom as a mentor.  


  • HEALTH SERVICES: Medical screenings and regular exams, along with the proper management of health care needs, can lead to longer, healthier, happier lives for seniors. In our on-site wellness center, residents can have regular checks on blood pressure, weight and overall wellness.  


  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Caring for your physical surroundings can create lasting and healthy benefits for you, your community and the environment. At The Glen, you can stroll along walking paths, or enjoy the day sitting on a bench or under a shaded pergola.


As spring approaches, it’s a good idea to embark on a proactive approach to wellness—and senior living at The Glen at Lake Oconee Village has all the ingredients you need to get started.  


At The Glen at Lake Oconee Village, wellness is an everyday benefit—come see what we mean! Call us at (706) 999-3535.